Monday 30 November 2009

Tom Kyte at UKOUG on Complexity

That car may not have been as reliable tho...You all guessed it: I love simple stuff.

Must date back to the days I watched the Flintstones and Yogi Bear. Great Fun! Even my own kids, highscool-teenagers, already blogged about how their nostalgic primary-school days were refreshingly simple (and they have tons of jpgs to illustrate their memories).

Today, at UKOUG TEBS, Tom Kyte gave us loads of "Simple" and very good advice.

"We still underestimate complexity."
So why are some vendor-supplied products so complex?
so why do we bespoke our own work to un-explainable levels of complexity sophistication?

"Less code is less bugs"
So why do we all increase footprints everywhere?

"Errors will happen, prepare to handle them!"
So why do we still hide, ignore, or report errors erratically ?

His security-message related to the Starship Enterprise is Brilliant!

And his main message remains this very sensible:
"Always Question Everything"
(including this anti-complexity rant)

I know, I know,
we are not wearing bearskins anymore.
we have even moved on from Cobol.

Real world business isnt simple.
And Real Appl.... oops Real World Requirements are driving this unavoidable(?) complexity. Not to mention that increasing complexity is part of my own job-seurity

But still, some of Toms messages were of Refreshing Simplicity.

Thanks Tom.

Saturday 21 November 2009

simple oracle puzzle

Invalid Objects ?
Dependencies ?

Couldnt resist pointing out this Oracle puzzle by Rafu.