Saturday 23 November 2013

DOAG 2013 was Very Good - Danke Schön !

Back from DOAG2013 and I can say it was One of the Best Conference Ever.

The organisation is near perfect, the venue is very suitable, DOAG has free public transport arranged. And there is good food all day long. (Good, Tasty, and free!). And the Mercator Lounge provided Exellent Coffee too.

Needless to say the content of the presentation was Excellent (and I've learned a bit more Deutsch as well). And I met up with  many old + lots of new friends.  (could insert long list of names, facebooks, blogs, and twitters...)

Learned a lot of useful stuff and also many hig-tech items. And Still need to investigate a lot of the notes I made. (I suppose there is a download option for ppts as well.. I want to re-read some).

If there is anything to remark, maybe two small things:
1. Tip: Gently nudge the audiences to fill in pieces of paper with remarks (ask UKOUG!). That way the speakers get comments from those who dont want to talk directly. And both the organizer and the speaker  Learn a bit extra. Some surprising feedback I've had too (possibly a blogpost someday)
2. Wifi... It didnt work for my laptop most of the time (slow, bloated, corporate box, so maybe "duh"), but also worked only half the time on the Nexus7. We all know WLan is difficult in public venues, but still.
Oh and: the time+again ticking of a box and clicking a button is .... childish and annoying.
(but most venues do it, probably for legal reasons...).

Please dont take these two points negative, because the total Conference was GREAT.
Please give me the excuse to visit again: Just accept one of my silly abstracts, put me in some graveyard timeslot and I'm a happy bunny.

Danke Schön !