Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Plans, plans, plans

As a conference-speaker, you have to announce your speaking-assignments on the internet...

Posting on the internet (Twitter, FB, blogs, forums even) generates links for the event-organizer,

Posting on the internet generates interest in your presentations...

But most of all, it allows me to "publish" my travel plans.

This particular post also serves to earn me a free (and hopefully safe) parking space somewhere... hehehe.

Plan for my October business trip is:
 - [tentative] POM: Paris Oracle Meetup
 - POUG.org: Polish Oracle User Group conference
 - SIOUG.si: Slovenian Oracle User Group
 - HROUG.hr : Croatian Oracle User Group

On a map, it looks like this..

Any one interested to come to my ppts ?