Wednesday, 10 October 2018

ODC Appreciation Day..

It is that time of year: Write about your favorite feature and say "Thank You Oracle"..

This year, I'll pick Oracle Golden Gate

Short story: if you need to replicate data, GG is one of your easy choices.

Slightly Longer story:

I was lucky: customer choose GG to replicate data for one country to another in major move of IT systems and data (yes, to the cloud, to those large Remote Database Systems in AWSome land...).

GG helped us run in sync for a number of weeks, and the final cutover was a breeze.
GG also (sort of) kept open a replica back to our original datacenter, so management felt they could potentially chicken out and move back to the old provider.

The whole process was easier than I expected,
and a Large Tip of the Hat to Golden Gate is appropriate.

(the issues, the problems, the quirks.. Later)

The reason for this post Tim Hall

The link to Golden Gate (Hi Bobby!)