Friday, 4 May 2007

Simple Oracle DBA

Introduction ? Simple ! 

This blog will try to keep life simple for Oracle DBA's. 

 Because Complexity sells better (E.W. Dijkstra) 

 Because life is complicated enough. Simple Oracle : Oxymoron ?

Update : eeeh.. It has been some 18 years since I started this blog. 
I found out most of the original links below are now Dead.

Will Fix Soon-ish... 

note: this is what blogger does when you try to edit a post that is 16 years old...

This presenter had a Very Drastic way to keep the audience awake! have a look...Presentations Been there and done that, and got the presentations and papers to show for it. <! -- or --> Below are the links to my most Favored Rants material. Most of my public presentations have grown from either client-pitches, project-blunders or "architectural" frustrations. Hence most of them are slightly missionary: I want to convince the audience of something. Something Simple. High Availability: How to keep it simple (ppt) Talk customers through the options for high-availability. Start with "What do you really need", going through "what can you afford", and then match that with the possibilities. Ever more Complex... When in doubt: Simplify! The link is to my presentation from the Miracle DBF in 2006, but the message still stands. Databases Everywhere (ppt) Everywhere indeed. What can we do to keep the systems running, and keep life simple for the DBA? DBA Two-dot-Oh even. Upgrade Nightmares (pdf) My down-to-earth vision on upgrades. And what you can do to keep life simple. Is my Backup Covered (pdf) It is about Recovery! Can you Recover? Can someone else do your recovery for you? The most boring subject, but surprisingly turned into my most asked-for ppt Backup, at a different level A paper/blogpost, aimed a SOA "architects". Rather then cover "backup" at the disk- or database level, you can use messaging systems (SOA, ESB, BEPL) to distribute your data over two or more systems. Redundancy at a higher level in the stack. Use at own Risk! Index Organized Tables, and all the benefits. Blogpost/paper, aimed at developers/implementors and ... DBAs. I have driven many to despair with a strong belief in the efficiency of IOTs and other seemingly excotic table- and index definitions to store data physically. And if you feel like presenting at a usergroup, but dont know what about: Remember your last big frustration or problem ? Try turning that into a presentation. Surprisingly, that worked for me.

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